donderdag 11 oktober 2012

Child Julia's party

 The evening was getting closer, and so did the party Julia organized.
Her first guest showed up quite early, as the party started at 8pm, one of her friends Tinsley Wilson showed up at 7pm. Julia was just tasting her chocolate fountain recipe when Tinsley walked in the kitchen.

'This chocolate fountain recipe is delicious!' said Tinsley after tasting more than 1 portion of the chocolate.
'This party is going to be perfect', 'I think I'm going to try some more of that chocolate...'

All the guests arrived by 8pm, but not yet a sight of Alonso. Julia was getting a little bit worried and she looked outside her window to see if she could spot Alonso yet.

And suddenly, she saw him standing outside her house,all by himself in the dark and cold night.
Why doesn't he come in, Julia asked herself.
How strange he was just standing there, like if he was doubting if he should go to the party.

Someone called her name and she turned away from the window, the girls wanted to know if she had made the chocolate fountain recipe herself, and if so, could they have it.
Julia said sure, they could have the recipe and she would email it the next day to all her girlfriends.

And then she turned around and look straight into the face of the father of her child.
 At last, Alonso...

He smiled at Julia with his famous cute smile and suddenly...

They kissed...

What a great kisser he was, thought Julia while she was relaxing in her private sauna after the party when all the guests were gone back to their homes, families.
She felt so relaxed, so happy and soothed.

 After her relaxing mud bath she settled herself in her rocking chair by the big window of her bedroom. The sun was rising, and the light that hits the room through the half open curtains was warm and orange-like, she closed her eyes and fell asleep, while her old grandmothers chair rocked softly.

The next day she would call Alonso and ask him out for dinner at the Bistro.
She would wear her new outfit she bought in the town last time she went to buy her evening dress.

Let's Play!

Hello guys, welcome!
Let's Play The Sims 3 with digibudi.

First of all, before we get into a new story let's introduce my current household.
Here is Julia Child and her lovely boy Alejandro Child.
Alejandro's father is Alonso Candelaria and they all live in Sunlit Tides, the beautiful
island in the sun.

Julia Child

Alejandro Child

Julia is a single mother and has sometimes difficulties with juggling work, household and 
raising her son. But in the end it all fits into place and does a fantastic job in doing so.
Lately Julia is thinking about Alonso, Alejandro's father, quite a lot. And a tiny seed of
a great plan has been planted in her mind. She could invite Alonso over as a guest of her

She finished her breakfast which was a delightful made Truffle pie and enjoyed the amazing view she had from the patio of the Hotel Resort she had spend the night.
Now, straight to the town to do some serious shopping, after all she had to look her uttermost best in order to impress Alonso. Not that she needed him to be impressed, but it would be nice.
So, to the town she went...

She bought herself a lovely dress and some new earrings and shoes.
Checking herself in the mirror, she knew the party was going to be a blast!

 Now that she decided what to wear it was time to take a long nap.
She was quite tired and deserved a good sleep.
Afterwards she would take a refreshing sauna and eat a healthy meal.
Than she would invite her guests and plan the party. Maybe she'd invite a magician or a singer, maybe the local DJ would be willing to play some records?

Oh yes, the party was going to be a great success, she fell asleep thinking about all the fun her guests will have...